Orders are shipped in up to two weeks if they are ready made items. I have to wait until I have free days between my other jobs.
You should receive a shipping notification when it’s packed so you can track it. I appreciate your orders and understanding!

For items that require customization, please contact me before ordering them. I don’t think I will be able to make them before December 31, 2022. 

Scrub Cap Cover

Scrub Cap for Ponytail

I had a request from a friend for a scrub cap for long hair so I modeled this one after some pictures I saw on the internet. It fits snug to the head and covers the ears as well as the hair in the back.  

You are free to download this and make them to giveaway. Please don’t resell the file. 

Printing Instructions

The top head piece is just barely too big for a letter size page with .25 in margin. What this means is that when you print with default settings for your printer, the corners of the pattern might get cut off. Home printers usually only print inside about .125″ from the page edge (give or take, some have a wide top or bottom margin). So when you print, if possible, you’ll want to print to your full image area. This doesn’t mean print full bleed like a photo because that will enlarge and change the size of the pattern. Instead you’ll want to create a custom page size that is the absolute max your printer can handle, or just tile the page and tape it together. 

The pattern for the band piece is already tiled and made to fit into a space that should work with most printers. 

I do the first method of printing to printer’s full image area (Epson) and I can print it like the file has it laid out as three pages. I cut the first one out, then I tape pages 2 & 3 together and cut it out. 


April 11, 2020: I made the head circle area smaller so that when you do two print designs it doesn’t come down over the pony as much. It also fits a little better and lays out two wide on a piece of fabric to more efficiently use the fabric.