Orders are shipped in up to two weeks if they are ready made items. I have to wait until I have free days between my other jobs.
You should receive a shipping notification when it’s packed so you can track it. I appreciate your orders and understanding!

For items that require customization, please contact me before ordering them. I don’t think I will be able to make them before December 31, 2022. 

Nice to meet you!


This is my very first step at something people have been telling me to do for a long time! I’ve always been labeled crafty and artsy, but I sort of think I’m more resourceful and functional. Guess those things don’t sound quite as pretty. Anyway! I’ve been a designer for print and web media for (oh, gosh, I don’t want to count this!) over 15 years, with the last eight-ish years being focused on UX for enterprise web software and mobile applications.

I love the complete immersion of senses paper provides — texture, visual, smell, and sound — and how it’s so personal to each project. I love that it provides a hands-on experience for the finished product that digital can’t. This is why I’m starting with designs for seemingly ordinary items. 

I’m a mom of two sweet kiddos who love to do projects with me, and a wife to a loving and loyal husband (while we’ve only been married 7 years, we’ve been together for 22!). I work part-time, and am a representative for ZYIA Active. Now I’m trying to do this, too. Yes, I’m likely a bit crazy.  

You may be asking why the name Scattered Light Makery? Well, when my daughter was little, crafts were too hard to do so I took up making baby food and toddler snacks and was always in the kitchen cooking. She loved to pretend to do what Mommy was doing, so she would pretend to work in her “makery” because she couldn’t say bakery. Everything she worked on became a project in her makery. I wanted to hold on to a piece of that, so I knew when it came time, makery would be part of my projects. 

The scattered light part… I love science. I love bright, clean, simple, and easily understood design. I love vivid colors, and whenever I have to choose a theme on the computer, I always choose the a white one. And most of all,  I LOVE that white light is the presence of all colors. That hidden within is a full spectrum of beauty that is only visible when the light is scattered through a medium that can comprehend it and simplify it for others to see. I want to be that medium.