Orders are shipped in up to two weeks if they are ready made items. I have to wait until I have free days between my other jobs.
You should receive a shipping notification when it’s packed so you can track it. I appreciate your orders and understanding!

For items that require customization, please contact me before ordering them. I don’t think I will be able to make them before December 31, 2022. 

Welcome! And thank you for checking out my work! If there are any projects I can make that would help you out, let me know! 

Because I feel responsible for the final outcome, and I want to make sure that what you receive is a quality item, I am not distributing files at this time. The design we make together can be printed through one of the printing options I offer. There is a small design fee for the customizations, but that will only apply the first time you order. 

Also, this is a new endeavor. While I’m not new to design, I’m new to providing it as a service to others in this way. I would love to hear your feedback!    

~ Sarah 

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